BG residents encouraged to recycle pumpkins


City of Bowling Green residents are encouraged to recycle their pumpkins and gourds in the city’s yard waste recycling dropoff area (off Tarragon Drive, east of the public works garage). Candles and decorations must be removed before recycling your pumpkins and gourds in one of the three black dumpsters marked for yard waste.

All material collected for yard waste recycling is taken to Wood County’s Yard Waste Recycling area to be composted.

Pumpkins and gourds should not be recycled in the food waste recycling drop-off. This would quickly overwhelm this collection system, according to the city.

Additional pumpkin/gourd recycling options:

· Compost pumpkins/gourds in place in a backyard pile or bin. Do not have a compost system in place? Place pumpkins in a discrete area of your yard and allow them to decompose naturally.

· Find recipes online for how to consume a pumpkin, from the seeds to the skin.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Energy estimated that out of the 1.9 billion pounds of pumpkins grown, 1.3 billion pounds were thrown away, instead of being consumed or composted.

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