A Bowling Green man previously warned for child endangering was cited after a similar incident last month.

On Sept. 18 around 4:30 p.m., Bowling Green police officers were dispatched to 1400 block of Conneaut Avenue regarding a 2-3-year-old child found in the road near Conneaut and Lafayette Boulevard.

Dispatch further advised that residents in that block had taken the child inside for safety reasons, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

Officers spoke to the man and woman who had the boy, who was calm and appeared healthy but was not very communicative, according to the report. Neither recognized the boy from the neighborhood.

The woman told officers she was sitting on her couch when she observed the boy running toward the east in the grass on the opposite side of the road. When she went outside to check on him, he saw her and began to cross Conneaut Avenue. She said she tried to get him to stop, got hold of him and brought her into her house, according to the report.

There were no adults observed in the area, but while outside, officers observed a male running towards them from approximately four houses to the west. He identified himself as Mathew Kukla, 31, and told police the child was his son.

Kukla stated they lived four houses west of where the child was found.

The boy’s mother also arrived and the parents told police that they were having a birthday party for one of their other children. The boy had been eating cake inside the house and they thought he went out back on the trampoline with the other kids. They did not see him exit the house, according to the report.

The Kuklas’ house is on the south side of Conneaut, which meant the boy would have crossed to the north side before being spotted.

Police estimated the boy had been unattended for 10-15 minutes.

Dispatch advised officers that the Kuklas had been involved in a similar report on April 16, during which the boy had been found unattended in the road in the 400 block of South Church Street. An adult who found the boy had to spend 5-10 minutes looking for a parent, according to the report.

Due to this being the second time this has occurred, officers cited Kukla for endangering children and the report was forwarded to children’s services for review.

He has pleaded not guilty and will have an initial hearing in Bowling Green Municipal Court on Oct. 21.