A man who pretended to defecate in a city resident’s yard was arrested, as was the man who was with him after both reportedly trespassed onto county property.

Bowling Green police were call to the gated dog park in the 1900 block of East Gypsy Lane Road at 6:09 p.m. Wednesday on a report of two suspicious males inside the park.

Witnesses told police the two men had entered the park, which requires a membership, by pulling open the gate without entering a passcode, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

A witness told police that after entering the park, one man walked to the far back corner to make a phone call and the second man sat on a bench near the entry and began filming him.

When the witness went to throw away her dog’s feces, the man started filming her. She told him she did not give permission to be filmed, according to the report.

When the man who had been in the back of the park approached and asked for her bag of feces, the witnesses asked the two men to leave the park. The two men then began claiming that what they were doing was for a school project, according to the report.

As the men started to leave, they became argumentative and verbally aggressive, according to the report.

The description of the two males also matched two suspects who, over the weekend, were going up to houses and trying to get inside.

An officer responding to the park passed a black vehicle matching the description of what the two suspects at the park drove and the passenger matched a previous description. The officer followed the vehicle to Carter Park.

A run of the license plate matched what had appeared on plate reader cameras in the area of reported incidents of a male going up to houses and trying to get inside.

On approach, the men identified themselves as Michael Welsh Jr and Nicholas Zeolla.

While speaking with Welsh, he told the officer he had muffins in his pocket and dropped them on the ground.

Police had received an earlier report of a male entering someone else’s property and pretended to defecate in the yard. The homeowner went to check the area and discovered the male was dropping a crumpled-up muffin.

Welsh, 19, with an address on the Bowling Green State University campus, was arrested for five counts of criminal trespass and three counts disorderly conduct/offensive gesture.

Zeolla, 19, Chardon, was arrested for criminal trespass.

Both men were taken to jail. They entered pleas of not guilty and were released Thursday on own recognizance bonds.

On Saturday, a caller had provided pictures and a video of one of the men on her porch, attempting to enter her home. In that incident the man used the story that he needed to use the homeowner’s restroom or her would defecate in her yard.

On Wednesday, prior to the report at the dog park, an officer was dispatched to three similar incidents which included the same man approaching three different houses stating that he needed to use the restroom, and attempting to enter the home. Video and photo evidence of his actions were captured by the homeowners.