The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

Sept. 26

125 Harlan Drive, Walbridge, residential, from SFR-3040 LLC, to Patrick and Ann Kuhlenbeck, $165,000.

7730 and 0 McCutcheonville Road, Montgomery Township, residential, from Charles Callahan, to Dylan and Betty Anderson, $131,000.

301 Caldwell Road, Bradner, residential, from Mellon the Bank of New York, to Ruby Land LLC, $43,000.

310 Main St., Risingsun, residential, from Cook Investment Properties, to Donald Ferguson, $8,000.

110 Wellington Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Curtis and Tracy Collins, to Tamara Lupton and Terry Dunn, $670,000.

4248 Morgan Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Hersheal Aggarwal, to Joseph Brown and Leslie Neyland-Brown, $467,000.

Sept. 27

309 and 0 Mulberry St., Bloomdale, residential, from Steven and Sue Rose, to Jeffrey and Lorri Kurtz, $119,000.

210 Poe Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Amitabha Palmer, to Mohammad Mayyas and Raminderdeep Sidhu, $117,000.

1627 Waterford Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Steven and Maxine Goyer, to Diane Haas, $235,000.

1727 Waterford Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Christopher Marcum, to Yun Zhu and Mao Lin, $250,000.

503 Lafayette Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from Kathy Engle, to Hank Leady, $165,000.

7 Baker Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Dave and Katherine Kerr, to Michael Lynch, $250,000.

17883 Fostoria Road, Freedom Township, residential, from Robert Depew, to Larry Ocheske, $44,000.

6507 and 0 Emch Road, Lake Township, residential, from Robert Youngs, to Robert Youngs Jr., $100,000.

201 S. Findlay St., Haskins, residential, from Amanda Dransfield, to Robert and Brandy Parcell, $282,000.

505 Dillrose Drive and 0 Sheffield Place, Northwood, residential, from Daniel and Karen Molnar, to Ronald and Hildred Hubay, $101,000.

30193 W. Waterford Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Debbie Deiger, to Midland Agency for Northwest Ohio, $801,499.

126 W. Sixth St., Perrysburg, residential, from Diane Haas, to James and Mary Fisher, $275,000.

1829 Whispering Way, Perrysburg, residential, from Regina Harves, to Kara Funk, $315,000.

26738 Mohawk Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffery Oster, to Mitchel Skotynsky and Allexandra Brown, $375,000.

14194 Potter Road, Plain Township, residential, from James and Julie Weinandy, to Ann McVey, $550,000.

120 Eagle Point Drive, Rossford, residential, from Francisco Maldonado-Ocasio and Laura Maldonado, $305,000.

152 Windsor Drive, Rossford, residential, from Caleb Janicki, to Sharon Colon, $195,000.

18740 Washington St., Tontogany, residential, from Cory Tiell, to Frank Starling, $172,000.

Sept. 28

402 Buttonwood Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Debra Nicholson, trustee, to Joseph Solus and Kathleen Dennis, $287,475.

515 W. Front St., Pemberville, residential, from Nicholas Pisula, to Christopher, Kimberly and Luke Coffman, $150,000.

501 W. Water St., North Baltimore, residential, from Christopher Naugle, to Mary Clark, $126,300.

17671 Bays Road, Liberty Township, residential, from Tina Kale, trustee, to Chad David, $250,000.

2151 Broadway St., Northwood, residential, from Michael Bratlett, to Colombos Charitable Foundation, $600,000.

620 and 0 Mulberry St, Perrysburg, residential, from Thomas and Debra Brungard, to Martin Brungard, $47,000.

510 Mallard Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Mary Kramer, to Dallas and Brook Giesige, $286,000.

Sept. 29

11365 Tank Farm Road, Bloom Township, residential, from Jo Barry, to Paul and Melissa Kudela, $187,000.

Sept. 29

717 E. Broadway St., North Baltimore, residential, from Terry and Virginia Brashear, to Cindy Harris, $135,000.

0 N. Dixie Hwy. and 0 Cross Creek Road, Middleton Township, agricultural, 58.49 acres, from Michael and Patti Emch, to Steven Speck Ltd., $592,500.

0 Eisenhower Drive, Fostoria, residential, from Sutter Development Group, to Autumn Clouse, $233,000.

26155 and 0 W. River Road, Perrysburg, residential, from John Bearss and Julia Tobias-Bearss, $729,900.

1208 N. Dixie Hwy., Rossford, residential, from Sherrie Varwig, to Querida Zapata, $130,000.

6624 and 0 Scotch Ridge Road, Webster Township, residential, from Ronald and Becky Simon, to Jonathon Fraley, $261,000.

Sept. 30

1410 Cardinal Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Jon and Jeanette McDermott, to Tonya Hengeli and Joseph Hengeli Jr., $290,000.

724 Fairview Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from William Jimison and Jane Sentel, to Ann Ott, $225,000.

9400 Napoleon Road, Center Township, residential, from Joy Oberaus, trustee, to Kyle and Wendi Wagner, $270,000.

9905 Sedgefield Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from John Demarco and Sharon Hayes, to Paul and Jodie Lis, $350,000.

30821 and 0 E. River Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from David Snell, to David and Deanna Neuman, trustees, $740,000.

117 Valley Hall Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Kyle Weaver, to Patrick and Taylor Cowher, $370,000.

415 and 0 Eagle Point Road, Rossford, residential, from Arthur Dunlap, to Sophia Wettle and Bryce Bowers, $210,000.

600 N. Dixie Hwy, Rossford, commercial, from John Names Enterprises, to Johuarossford LLC, $150,000.

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