Weston woman indicted for assaulting BG officers

A Weston woman has been indicted for assault after she allegedly assaulted several police officers.

A Wood County grand jury on Sept. 21 indicted Love K. Ezell, 49, for assault, a fourth-degree felony; tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony; and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse or a combination of them, a first-degree misdemeanor.

She is currently in jail.

On Aug. 27, two Bowling Green Police Division officers were driving an unmarked vehicle when they observed Ezell driving near Third and High streets. After watching the vehicle make several moving violations, police stopped her in the 700 block of Napoleon Road.

An officer observed Ezell to have bloodshot, glassy eyes and have very confused movements. When asked to remove an object that was in her shirt, she reportedly refused. She reportedly had several indicators of impairment during testing at the side of the road.

As she was placed under arrest, she allegedly attempted to pull away from the officers and dug her fingernails into one of their arms and caused scratches. According to the report, she was taken to the ground where she continued to scratch and grab the arresting officers.

Ezell reportedly kicked one officer in the groin and tore a portable radio mic off an outer vest of another, according to the report.

A small glass pipe she had hidden in her body was found after she was showered at the jail.