You can define a good person — and you should


To the Editor:

My letter is in reply to the Joe Average column (What makes someone a good person? Sept. 21) where the author’s claim appears to be that since none of us is perfect. Therefore we cannot be deemed “good” or “bad.”

My definition of a good person is one who is honorable and, most of the time, behaves in a consistent manner which is helpful to other people, even if she/he misses the mark sometimes. My definition of a bad person is one who consistently behaves in ways that are detrimental to others, i.e. lying, stealing, cheating.

Joe’s column ends with “Just leave it be and mind your own business.” But Joe, it is our business to determine someone’s usual behavior to allow us to make good choices for friendships, merchants, politicians, healthcare givers and a raft of others.

Joan Vogt

Bowling Green

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