There is nothing that God doesn’t see


To the Editor:

I am old school. I prefer a hard copy newspaper or book, as opposed to a digital version. As long as I have lived in BG, I have had a subscription to the Sentinel-Tribune. I was very saddened after reading the Aug. 31 edition, seeing the left-leaning read to it, pushing conservative views aside.

Everything I hold dear is being trashed, I’m being called names and this country is going to hell in a handbasket. For now.

This will suddenly switch as God intervenes. How do I know that? Because God takes covenants/promises/oaths very seriously. God made an unbreakable covenant with his chosen people, Israel, but America is the only nation that ever made an unbreakable covenant with God. To fact check this, read the 21st chapter of 2nd Samuel in the Bible. When David was King, He asked God why the famine in his land, 3-plus years then, was continuing. God told him when Saul was King (who had been dead for years), he wrongly killed the Gibeonites with whom the Israelites had years earlier made a covenant of peace (albeit against God’s instructions). Nevertheless, it was a binding covenant. Fast forward many years, and God sent judgment to Israel in the form of a famine – no rain – for Saul’s wrong. David decided to avenge the wrong and asked the Gibeonites how to make it right. They wanted seven of Saul’s sons to hang, and David agreed. It is a sad story – what Rizpah, one of the mothers did to protect her sons’ dead bodies. But once the wrong was righted, the rain fell and the famine ended. God does not wink at sin, then or now. Breaking promises, casually killing the unborn babies he creates with his own hands, defiling and distorting the beautiful gift of marital sex (in any manner: sex before marriage (fornication), adultery, homosexuality), lying, cheating, greed, hurting others (especially the poor and vulnerable).

All evil things that today are promoted as good and fill our newspapers. What will God’s judgment be? “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20). When we stand before God, and each and every one of us assuredly will, no longer can we plead ignorance. God never forgets, and there is nothing he does not see. Let this be our warning.

Barbara Brunner

Bowling Green

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