Biden kept his promise on student debt relief


To the Editor:

When President Donald Trump was in charge, he and Congress rammed through legislation giving one of the largest tax cuts in recent memory to his billionaire allies and enemies alike. He and his party were not concerned what it would wind up costing taxpayers like me.

He boasted it would be “rocket fuel” for the economy,and all us average joes and liberal naysayers would marvel at his genius, as we all supposedly would get rich. The sad fact is that this was a lie and I’m still waiting for the so-called rewards.

President Joe Biden has kept his promise to help struggling former students like me get out of a small part of the debt I accumulated out of necessity so that I could get a decent job.

Deal with it, snowflakes. You’re not the only one paying the bills here, and I did not see your hard core, right-wing business-owner friends opening their wallets to pay me anything but inadequate wages, and telling me to foot the bill to be educated enough to work.

It took a pandemic that has claimed millions of innocent lives, for them to pay anybody a decent wage. Now the Republican Party supposedly gives a darn about blue collar workers, and is crying foul or trying to tell me how I should solve my own debts.

Raymond J. Gomez

Grand Rapids

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