Weston woman charged with assaulting BG officers


A Weston woman was jailed over the weekend after allegedly assaulting two police officers.

On Saturday around 10:25 p.m., two Bowling Green Police Division officers were driving an unmarked vehicle when they observed Love Ezell driving near Third and High streets, according to a report.

Based on past dealings with Ezell, they knew she was homeless and thought it suspicious that she was parking in an apartment complex, according to the police report.

A short time later, Ezell reportedly backed out of the parking space without turning her headlights on, continued to drive over a curb, and drove through the grass as she exited onto High Street. It was then she turned on her headlights. As she drove south on High Street, she stopped well past the stop line at multiple intersections, according to the report.

Units in a marked police cruiser stopped her in the 700 block of Napoleon Road.

An officer observed Ezell to have bloodshot, glassy eyes and have very confused movements. A very pungent acidic odor commonly associated with crack cocaine was coming from inside the vehicle, according to the report.

When asked to remove an object that was in her shirt, she refused, according to the report. Ezell reportedly had several indicators of impairment during testing at the side of the road.

As she was placed under arrest, she attempted to pull away from the officers and dug her fingernails into one of their arms and caused scratches, according to the report.

Ezell was taken to the ground where she continued to scratch and grab the arresting officers. She kicked one officer in the groin and tore a portable radio mic off an outer vest of another, according to the report.

An inventory of the vehicle found two metal scraping tools with drug residue on them on the passenger side door and center console; a clear see-through screwdriver object that with a point with drug residue in the center console; a choirboy in a storage area near the driver side seat; and a a silver snuff bottle containing suspected crack cocaine in the center console.

Ezell, 49, was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, assault on a police officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest with physical harm to a law enforcement officer.

She remained in jail Monday on a $37,500 bond.

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