What would Lincoln say?

To the Editor:
Would Lincoln even recognize the Republican party of today? Probably not, if I’m answering my own
question. The Republican party was founded in the 1850s, and led by Abraham Lincoln. It was founded by
anti-slavery activists who wanted their party to stand up for human rights. It was also a party that
wanted to unify the nation.
That’s quite a contrast when you look at today’s Republican party which is led by an individual that
preaches racism, division, violence and bigotry, while he cages children, calls veterans losers and
suckers, denies science and reality, and basically does whatever he can to stuff his pockets and grift
his supporters while watching thousands die every day from a virus he failed to protect the American
people from.
The new Republican party embraces white supremacy, white power, and white nationalism, while targeting
voters of color to restrict and impede the ability of those citizens to cast their ballots when it’s
time to vote.
The new Republican party has become the party for those white folks that are slowly coming to the
realization that they’re becoming a minority in this country. Obama‘s presidency scared the hell out of
them because suddenly non-white folks were in charge, and they didn’t like that idea at all!
The new Republican party believes that if their candidates didn’t get sufficient numbers of votes to win,
then the election was rigged! They believe acts of sedition towards our nation’s democracy is the only
way to disrupt free and fair elections, and maintain their autocracy. Representative Latta signed his
name to that act of sedition; it’s disgraceful he didn’t stand up and honor his oath to support and
defend the same Constitution that I served to protect. He will be remembered as the traitor that he is,
and shouldn’t be seated when the new president-elect is inaugurated. Traitor is now his legacy.
WWLS? Lincoln would probably say that he is horrified, embarrassed, and ashamed of what today’s
Republican party has become, I know that I am!
John Haver
Milton Center