Water main costs go higher

PERRYSBURG — Construction costs for a water main have gone up and down in the last year, and most
recently another increase has been added.
A resolution was passed unanimously by those present at the Sept. 3 council meeting for an agreement with
Vernon Nagel, Inc. for construction of the Pine Street and Mulberry Street water main project for an
increased cost of $19,321.
The original contract was awarded in September 2018 at a cost of $1,037,922. A change order increased
that cost by $32,333.95, with 10 “instances of increased cost” from utility conflicts that were
previously unknown. On closeout of the project, another change order decreased the cost by $13,012.
Meeting minutes are typically passed as a matter of course; however, council discussions started early
with the vote on passage of the previous council minutes. Councilwoman Deborah Born voted against the
acceptance of Aug. 20 meeting minutes after reading a statement.
“The author of these minutes incorrectly identified the Recreation Committee report as ‘minutes.’ These
reports are not ‘minutes’ since they are the personal creation of the chair and are never approved at
subsequent committee meetings. Reports are not amendable by council because all council members are not
present at committee meetings. Mr. (Councilman Jonathan) Smith’s comments may be added as an addendum to
the council minutes but they do not change the report itself,” Born said.
In other business:
• One resolution emerged out of the Service Committee, which was passed unanimously by those present. It
will provide consent as the local public agency to the Ohio Department of Transportation to conduct the
annual bridge inspection. Municipalities with populations of under 50,000 have the Bridge Inspection
Program Services available and it includes “the inspection, study and assessments of bridges to comply
with state and federal regulations,” according to explanations given by the Law Director’s office.
• Ordinances amending the job descriptions for IT Support/Network Technician and Safety Coordinator, as
well as the job title and wage range for the position of Safety Coordinator were passed. The amended
salary range for Safety Coordinator is now $22.00 to $31.50.
The Safety Coordinator position had been contracted out and administration felt it could be a role
accomplished at a lower rate as a city position. Council President Jim Matuszak initially disagreed.
After discussion concerning healthcare, taxes and and other benefits, for the full time position, the
added efficiencies of having the of the employee on hand won the day for the administration.
• A Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss a proposed Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area is scheduled
for today at 5:30 p.m.
Councilman Tim McCarthy was not present but was excused.