U.S. has no business getting involved in Ukraine

To the Editor:
NATO, A.K.A. the USA, has no business in post Warsaw countries especially the Ukraine. Is the US trying
to start another war? The Ukraine in no way involves our security but sure will threaten our security or
existence if we end up in war with a nuclear power. Just as north and central Americas are our sphere of
influence so Russia’s surrounding counties is theirs … alone. "We the people" have no
purpose beyond trade with other nations. There is no American empire except in the minds of Wall Street
and the military industrial complex which this present Congress apparently has become a part. It is
pretty sad that the only purpose demonstrated by the US federal government is to get Americans involved
in one war after another and threaten our security by meddling in the affairs of foreign nations. And to
add to that liability, the federal Government single-handedly threatens our civil liberties and
Constitution through anti-Constitutional legislature, spying and false-flag operations like MH17 to name
a few. It’s time to strip the federal Government of many of its implied powers and return them to the
States. It is high time to reduce our military, whose budget is 40 percent of the world’s total … a
ridiculous number in light of the many needs of American citizens here at home. If the president wants
to stop ISIS then force Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop financing them. It takes money, equipment and
training to wage war. We need to stop secretly training these groups in Jordan and Turkey. How
wonderfully different the world would look if we actually lived up to our Christian ideals and morals.

Donald Shomody