Trump’s military move went too far

To the Editor:
May 31, 2020 is a date of national disgrace, when the people of the United States observed in horror the
streets militarized under the command of President Donald Trump.
Armed troops storming into the capital in Humvees and helicopters hovering in threatening fashion over
peaceful protest. Images of Tiananmen Square in China comes to mind.
If the threatened use of military action against American citizens becomes a reality, the very fact that
armed troops are being considered for action sets a very troubling precedent.
The most horrific images of armed troops in formation on the steps of the Lincoln memorial where Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I have a Dream” speech demonstrates the complete disregard
this presidency has for the America people and its institutions.
Is this threat of armed conflict on American streets just a convenient diversion from the administrations
lack of leadership leading to the subsequent deaths of over 100,000 Americans due to coronavirus?
Sharon Cogle