To the Editor: Conneaut School remembered fondly

The saying "It takes a Community to raise a child" was on display Monday, June 2nd as Conneaut
Elementary School celebrated 60 years of educating students.
The staff and students gave a program, opening with a proclamation from Mayor Richard Edwards, that
demonstrates what an amazing job Bowling Green does educating and caring for our children. On display
were photos from those 60 years, along with class photos from Church Street School. Present were
parents, former students, principals, teachers and staff, notably Mrs. Helen Dermer who had taught at
both buildings. How fortunate so many have been to be a part of this history. Thank you everyone at
Conneaut for all that was done to make this possible and all they continue to do to make Bowling Green a
great place to live and to raise a family.
Lois Main
Retired teacher
Bowling Green