This recipe is a Caribbean keeper

Unlike the sharks Jane Kervin sometimes catches while fishing in Florida, this Caribbean recipe is a
definite keeper.
Kervin found this Mambo Mango Pork recipe in a cookbook while looking for something to serve at a Dinner
Club event which was using a Caribbean theme.
“We used to regularly attend these dinner clubs and a number of years ago this one had the Caribbean
theme. I found this in an old cookbook and decided to try it. The family loved it and it has now “made
it into the annals of the family.”
She said she really didn’t have to tweak the recipe much at all. However, sometimes, like she did here,
Kervin will use a smaller pork roast.
“Of course when you cook a smaller roast, you have to reduce the cooking time,” she said.
The family loves to pair this roast with a side of Calypso rice and beans.
Kervin said not only is the pork dish a favorite for the family to eat, but is also fun and easy to cook.
There aren’t a lot of ingredients and it is simple.
She and her husband, Bob, both grew up in Perrysburg and they moved to their home just outside of Haskins
in 2006.
The couple have three adult children and four grandchildren.
In January she retired from Namsa Inc. in Northwood. Her father founded the company, which is now global,
50 years ago.
“My latest job was handling mergers and acquisitions,” Kervin said.
She retired after 37 years of service.
“I now have more time to cook,” she joked.
She said the company is a medical device company that handles clinical trials and lab tests for companies
which want to introduce a new medical device to the market.
The company has a major facility in Minneapolis along with France, China and England to name a few of the
foreign locations.
In addition to more time for cooking, Kervin said she has picked up two new hobbies, pickle ball and
Mahjong. She says her friends sometimes call pickle ball “tennis for seniors.” She said it is very good
exercise and she enjoys it and plays regularly.
Winters are now spent in Key Largo, Florida, where her favorite pastime is salt water fishing.
“I sometimes fish in fresh water, we have stripers and perch in our pond, but I really love salt water
fishing. There’s a wide variety of fish, you never know what you’re going to catch. There’s nothing
better than catching a fish, taking it home cleaning it and cooking it fresh for dinner.”
However, Kervin said when fishing in the ocean she often catches a shark.
“You can tell when you catch a shark, the line just speeds out, they are strong.”
Often the sharks will just break the line because of their strength, but if not she just usually ends up
cutting the line.
“Nobody is going to put their hand in a shark’s mouth to get the hook and you certainly don’t want to
bring a shark on board your boat,” she said, noting the obvious.
Since her retirement, there is very little time wasted. Besides the aforementioned hobbies, she is also
an avid cyclist averaging about 20 miles a day. She annually rides in the “Bike to the Bay.” Her longest
trip was a Florida ride from Key Largo to Key West, just under 100 miles.
Kervin also keeps bees and maintains her garden. With all that she still enjoys trying new recipes and
said her husband is usually the first to dive right into a new dish.
“He tries anything and never complains. He’s my guinea pig,” Kervin said.