There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or dinner

To the Editor:
Did you receive a postcard in the mail, inviting you to a free steak dinner at a local restaurant? Be
careful if you get an installation quote with the company that is paying for this dinner, that is
selling this revolutionary product that supposedly will dramatically lower your utility bills.
About seven years ago I went to one of these events, and it is very persuasive. It’s about a NASA
technology that is essentially tin foil, that is laid down in your attic. Think about how much it would
cost someone to lay down a tin foil blanket in your attic. That’s a pretty simple job. And if this is
the same company, they will make it sound very convincing that it will save you a lot of money on your
energy bills. This is not the case. We got a quote as I was curious, but also highly skeptical.
I confess it sounded amazing. There was a promise of significantly reducing your energy bill. But hold on
… from what I’ve researched online, a radiant barrier may reduce the heat in an insulated attic by 40%.
But this doesn’t mean your energy bill will go down 40%. The average cooling load of an attic space is
about 20% of your house, so 40% of 20% is about 8%.
So say your monthly energy bill is $100, then you would save 8% or $8 per month. That is $96 per year. I
seem to recall the quote was around $3,000. That would take roughly 31 years to pay off with energy
savings. Think about that when you get a high pressure sales person pushing you to sign a pretty pricey
quote, that is good only for that day.
There isn’t any mention of the company who is selling the product on the postcard so you can’t
investigate beforehand. After the dinner I remember checking out this company at the Better Business
Bureau,, and they had an abysmal rating with complaints.
They say “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” In this case substitute “dinner.” Please beware, and
ask your friends and neighbors if they are going to this event, and if so please share this information
and tell them this home “improvement” is suspect, at best. Please check out the company at
before you sign anything.
Jennifer Karches
Bowling Green