Thank you, Kenwood staff

To the Editor:
Thank you Kenwood staff for all that you do. I’m sure at times it can seem that your dedication is
overlooked or undervalued. Please, never pay that foolishness any mind.
In a world filled with opinions and voices, there are teachers who teach into the hearts of children and
speak more loudly than the negativity of the world.
Kenwood has no shortage of these teachers who go the extra mile to build up a stronger and brighter
foundation that at times can seem shaky and scary. So, I’m finding a minute of my time to say thank you
for every moment you see our children in front of you and you insist on being there for them.
You preserve their childhood joy and curiosity. You champion their accomplishments and pride. You comfort
their fears and worries. You teach them concepts and facts to open unlimited access to knowledge.
The world around them seems to be increasingly geared away from childhood play and discovery. But inside
Kenwood Elementary the blessing and gift of childhood is still imprinted on the halls and hearts.
I love hearing the story of an art teacher who shows her students how to find the creative beauty inside
of them. The story of a gym teacher who not only their strengthens bodies but also hearts. The story of
aides who stay with children who are having a harder day. The story of cafeteria attendants who help
make sure tummies are filled. The story of special lunches, prizes, notes and high fives from teachers.
The story of a principal who meets them smiling at the door or holds a child’s hand.
You, Kenwood staff, are truly amazing and beautiful. Not every moment is a happy one. Not every
accomplishment comes easily. I must say that I am truly grateful for those moments. I’m glad that you
are the ones there when I cannot be. Our children need you. They need their teachers for more than a
lesson plan and you have risen to their call.
I’m sure that it’s very rewarding to see the successful grades earned. The process of helping their minds
grow is magical. How cool for a teacher that this lasts a lifetime. To see the seeds planted bloom
during a child’s entire life and be replanted in their children. So, once again thank you.
Sherrie Sparks
Milton Center