Soon-to-be moms abound at Kenwood

Kenwood Elementary
School has four pregnant teachers: Jana Metzger (from left), Megan Fults, Jeni Niekamp and Courtney
Eckel. (Photo: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)

Don’t drink the water at Kenwood Elementary School in Bowling Green.
That, at least, is what four mothers-to-be are hearing a lot these days.
There are four pregnant teachers at the school: Jeni Niekamp, Jana Metzger, Megan Fults and Courtney
This is not the first baby for any of them, and other teachers and staff had a baby sprinkle for them
earlier this month. A sprinkle, as opposed to a shower, is for expectant mothers who might not need as
"It’s pretty obvious that they’re pregnant, said Principal Kathleen Daney.
She blamed it on the Polar Pops that physical education teacher Jeremy Koehler brings to the school every
But no, that’s not it because the four don’t drink them.
Niekamp and Metzger both teach third grade, Fults teaches fourth, and Eckel is an intervention
Metzger pointed out that all four were also pregnant around the same time two years ago.
She joked that their husbands are conspiring against them.
Eckel was adamant that it wasn’t a pregnancy pact.
Last time, she added, all four were due in the fall.
This time, Metzger is due Friday, Fults is due May 5, Niekamp is due June 6, and Eckel is due Aug. 26.

"We were very public we were done with our second (child)," said Fults, who is expecting her
Niekamp said she knows the gender and has a name for her baby.
Metzger does not know the gender.
Eckel pointed out she and her husband don’t know either, and that if he knew she would have to know.
"I wouldn’t want to give him that much control," laughed Fults.
Fults does know she’s having a boy.
Metzger shared that her son is excited about getting a sibling, and rubs his mom’s belly. "He’s
concerned the baby is going to sleep at his grandparents."
Eckel said that her daughter thinks the baby is in her belly button.
Niekamp says she’s asked her son if he wants a sister, "and he says no."
Fults’ child tells Mom, "I’m not hugging you, I’m hugging the baby."
Metzger, who is due any day, said she came to school after her water broke with her first child.
Now everyone is offering to be their driver, said Niekamp.