Prep sports fans, here’s what to expect

Richard Browne, the commissioner of the Northern Lakes League, has posted information for fans during the
fall sports season.
The seating in the venues will be adjusted to accommodate physical distancing requirements.
The maximum number of individuals at any outdoor sports venue (football and soccer) is 15 percent of the
fixed seating capacity. It is also 15% of the fixed seated capacity for indoor gyms (volleyball).
Home crowds will be set at a maximum of 75% of the adjusted seating capacity and the other 25 percent are
for the away crowds.
For tickets, there will be electronic tickets, based on the adjusted seating capacities. Two days prior
to any ticketed event a purchasing window for parents of game day participants and the visiting school
will be available at 8 a.m. and remain until 11:59 p.m. of the second day.
On game day of the ticketed event, any remaining tickets will be sold to the public, if made available by
the school. That ticket window will open at 8 a.m. and close at a time determined by each school.
The school’s social media accounts will have information on ticket release updates.
For some games and matches, there may be a split session to allow the opportunity for more spectators to
watch. Separate tickets will be required for each session.
No NLL passes, NLL lifetime passes, senior citizen passes or school staff passes will be accepted.
The gates will open 45 minutes prior to the start of football games and 30 minutes prior to soccer and
volleyball games,
Masks will be required for entry to indoor and outdoor contests and worn in accordance with any state or
local mandates.
Spectators are being requested to perform a self-symptom check prior to entering the contest.
Home marching bands and any other on-field performances are to be determined by the school district as
will the number of home band members participating. There will be no visiting bands allowed.