Police charge BG man with resisting arrest


A Bowling Green man who reportedly refused to cooperate with police while being arrested has been charged
with resisting arrest.
Jordan Ditch, 30, also was charged with obstructing official business. After repeatedly defying police,
he was finally lodged at the jail.
Bowling Green Police Division officers were called to the 1000 block of North Main Street on Friday
shortly after midnight for a possible domestic violence.
When officers arrived, the door was locked to gain access to the apartment but they could see Ditch at
the top of the stairs. Officers then heard a woman yell “get your hands off of me” as she tried to get
around Ditch. She let police in.
According to the police report, Ditch was intoxicated and was having difficulties standing still and had
the odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his person. When asked for his identification, Ditch entered
another room and turned around and advised officers to “get the (expletive) out of my apartment.”
Ditch then tried to push the officers toward the door. Officers advised Ditch to not touch them or he
would be put in handcuffs. Ditch then tried to shut the door on them, and then grabbed an officer’s arm
and tried to push him through the door.
An attempt by an officer to put Ditch into handcuffs had both men falling to the floor. Ditch was advised
to stop resisting and he was placed into handcuffs.
When officers attempted to escort Ditch down the stairs, he refused to walk. Other officers on scene
grabbed his legs and he was carried down the stairs and outside, where he refused to walk to the police
transport van. Meanwhile, he kept calling officers idiots, according to the report.
When he refused to get in the van, officers picked him up and placed him on his side. While trying to
shut the door, Ditch blocked it with his feet.
When arriving at the jail, Ditch refused to get out of the transport van. Two Wood County Sheriff’s
Office deputies were able to get Ditch out of the van and placed into a restraint chain.
According to the report, Ditch repeatedly called the deputies idiots.

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