O’Dorisio has worked tirelessly on behalf of BGSU faculty

To the Editor:
I have known Joel O’Dorisio for more than ten years. Primarily we know each other from the work we have
done together with the BGSU Faculty Association, the union representing all full-time faculty at BGSU. I
believe Joel would make an excellent state senator.
Joel has worked tirelessly on behalf of his faculty colleagues. He helped organize the union, and he has
served as a member of each of the three negotiating teams that have produced fair contracts that have
raised faculty salaries, protected our health insurance, and increased professional respect for all BGSU
faculty. Joel is a problem solver, and his commitment to principles of equity and fairness are second to
As the president of an all-volunteer organization, I know the difficulty of finding people to do the hard
and time-consuming work of union-organizing and contract negotiation. I am glad Joel has always been
there for us, and he will be there for you as a state senator.
David J. Jackson