Library a wonderland for kids

To the Editor:
There has been much written lately in support of the Wood County District Public Library levy renewal.
The support is based on the availability of books, magazines, newspapers, electronic media, computers
for public use, "rural delivery" of media by the bookmobile, and the increased use of services
such as computer training and help with research questions. But little mention has been made about what
we think is the real gold nugget of the library – children’s resources.
There is a resurgence in awareness of the desirability and need for all-day kindergarten; but even before
kindergarten age, babies and young children absorb everything in their environment with their constantly
active sponge-like minds. What better environment is there for a child than sitting on the warm lap of a
loving and nurturing parent while looking at and feeling a book, turning the actual pages, gazing at
exciting pictures and hearing and practicing the sounds of the animals they are looking at?
The site of looking at children, sitting in a circle in awe at the library, while listening to an
animated story being read is proof enough of the importance of pre-kindergarten learning.
Our kids always looked forward to a trip to the library; and now, our grandkids enjoy coming to our
library when visiting us.
Our library truly is a wonderful investment!
Steve & Joan McEwen
Bowling Green