Latta talks about House passage of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, provided the following statement on the House
passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act:
“The American people desperately need relief. The coronavirus pandemic has taken lives, burdened our
country’s healthcare system, and is impacting our economy. Just before the pandemic hit, there were a
million more job openings than Americans seeking work. Now, 3.3 million Americans have filed
unemployment claims.
“The bill we passed today (Friday) isn’t perfect. There are provisions I would have liked to see left
out, but American families, workers, and businesses are in challenging situations through no fault of
their own. The House of Representatives acted to deliver American families, workers, small business, and
industries resources that will save lives, stabilize our economy, and protect people in every community
against this invisible threat.
“Our country is strong. Our people are strong. The men and women on the front lines working to keep us
safe – doctors, nurses, first responders, public safety officers, people who are volunteering to help
their neighbors in need, and so many more – are heroes. United may we stand and together, we will get
through this unprecedented time in our nation’s history.”
The CARES Act includes over-the-counter drug monograph reform legislation, led by Latta. It allows new,
safe products to come to market more quickly while addressing label changes and expanding consumer
choice. This would allow the Food and Drug Administration to make scientific determinations for OTC
ingredients through an administrative order process, which is much more efficient than the current
rulemaking system.
The CARES Act includes major provisions to:
Provide grants and loans to small businesses to meet payroll and pay rent.
Temporarily expand unemployment insurance to provide a lifeline for those who have lost their jobs.
Send direct checks to individual Americans of up to $1,200.
Allow regulatory relief so banks can grant loan forbearance for otherwise healthy businesses struggling
while business has been shut down.
Provide Treasury and the Fed the ability to provide assistance to distressed industries, including
airlines, through guaranteed loans while also including strong accountability protections.
Rush resources to hospitals, doctors and other front-line providers.
Expand the use of telehealth medicine to surge capacity to diagnose and treat patients in a safer and
faster environment.
Provide tax policy incentives, such as fixing key technical corrections from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,
including QIP and NOL.
Provide liability protection for providers who volunteer (Good Samaritan).
Allow HSAs to be used to purchase over-the-counter medicines.
Extend expiring health extenders to November.
Latta encourages anyone who need assistance to contact his office in Bowling Green at 419-354-8700.
Ohioans living in the 5th Congressional District can also call 419-318-8925 to leave a message and
Latta’s team will respond. For more information, visit Latta’s website at