Kingston Rehabilitation opens up third floor


PERRYBURG – Kingston Rehabilitation of Perrysburg, a skilled nursing facility, has recently opened the
third floor of its building.
To better serve the community, Kingston has expanded their skilled nursing section by making the third
floor available to patients. The rooms provide a level of home-like comfort with guest rooms located on
the upper floors and away from the activity of the lobby and therapy area. An elevator that travels
directly to the rehabilitation gym or pool allows patients to privately bypass the main lobby.
The state-of-the-art facility features an advanced design with many critical pieces of medical equipment
built into every patient room. Items including oxygen and suction are piped into the room for easy
access and immediate service. Generally these items would have to be transported to the room by staff
members when needed.
"All of the advanced amenities are at our fingertips. Our staff can concentrate on giving care to
our patients instead of worrying about navigating around extra pieces of equipment," said Leslie
Habegger, certified nurse practitioner at Kingston in Perrysburg.
The facility’s full-time CNP oversees all medical concerns in collaboration with a rehabilitation team of
physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as house physician Irshad Hasan, M.D. In
addition, complementary ancillary departments, including respiratory therapy and recreational therapy,
are available and fully staffed to help prepare patients for their return home.
The rehabilitation facility has a large state-of-the art gym with a warm salt-water pool and high-end
equipment to assist in one-to-one therapy sessions. Since the facility opened last August, Kingston
Rehabilitation of Perrysburg has helped over 200 patients, ranging in ages from 59 to 100, with therapy
and clinical care. The aim is for patients visiting the Kingston facility to return home with an
enhanced quality of life.
The Kingston chain, founded in 1989, includes 14 communities throughout the United States.

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