Joe, we have real problems

To the Editor:
In his columns, Joe Average seems to believe that if Americans quit protesting, “get off (their) back
sides,” and ”give a friendly greeting to a store clerk,” the issues that have sparked numerous protests
in our country will disappear.
As a white man, Joe Average doesn’t get it. As a white woman, I ‘ve never experienced the effects of
systemic racism either. Joe says: “Every time we turn around there is something to protest. Are these
real problems?” Yes, Joe, they are.
There are many accomplished people of color- legislators, athletes, academics, entertainers- who have
“gotten off their back sides” and worked hard to achieve success, and yet even they have myriad tales to
tell of how they’ve been racially profiled in a variety of situations.
It seems that more Americans are finally understanding what people of color have gone through all their
lives and are joining in to support them. I agree with Joe Average that looting and violence should be
condemned, but most of the protests have been peaceful. Indeed, the protesters themselves abhor the
destruction and violence which sometimes takes place, since it detracts from the message they’re trying
to send.
I would like Joe Average to remember that It was only through protesting that American women got the
right to vote. Protests helped to put an end to the ill-advised Viet Nam war and protests were what led
Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights Act.
The core liberties of free speech, the right to assemble and the protection of those who dissent are
cornerstones of American democracy.
Cherish those liberties, Joe, if you cherish our country..
Lee Anne Snook,
Bowling Green