If you can, give generously over the holidays

To the Editor:
As you are planning your holiday shopping/giving, please consider the gift of donating to a charity in
the recipient’s name. Use a card to say, “A donation to __(charity)__ has been made in your name. ”
It doesn’t have to be a lot of money and if you have multiple people on your list, it will add up fast.
Ten dollars each for five people will be a great donation and make a difference.
Charities all need our help now and I can’t imagine an adult who wouldn’t understand. Children might need
some explanation but it’s a valuable lesson for them to learn.
Consider splitting the gift money in half so they have a gift to open and something to give. You could
talk about it ahead of time, make them a part of it and let them decide where the money goes; food
pantry, library, animal shelter, other?
If you haven’t been adversely impacted financially by the pandemic please donate generously this holiday
season; we’re all in this together.
Vicki Knauerhase