Hard-working Holley will serve BG Council well

To the Editor:
I would like to encourage everyone in Bowling Green’s 3rd ward to vote on Nov. 5 for Ryan Holley for city
It is hard to find someone who cares about Bowling Green as much as he does. Holley was born and raised
in Bowling Green and has deep family ties to the community. He attended Bowling Green City Schools and
has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bowling Green State University.
I’ve had the honor to know Holley personally and professionally since 2007. I have never known anyone to
work harder to make the lives of other people better. As a property manager, Holley and his family set
the standard to quality housing in Bowling Green with Stadium View Apartments. Our local License Bureau
has receive accolades from the state for how well it is run and for it customer service. I never really
understood the jokes made about the license bureaus until I used one outside of Bowling Green.
Holley has also dedicated much of his life serving the city and the community. Soon after graduating with
his masters, he became active in the chamber of commerce. He has also graduated from the chamber’s
Leadership BG program and currently serves on the Government Affair Team. At the age of 26, Holley was
asked to serve on the Bowling Green Planning Commission and currently serves proudly.
While serving our community he has shown that he is open to new ideas and inclusive of all points of view
time and again on a wide range of issues.
Outside of government and work, Holley has been involved in many service and community organizations such
as Kiwanis and the Community Band. Every year he plays taps for the Fraternal Order of Police and the
Memorial Day ceremony at Memory Gardens done by the American Legion.
On the more personal side, Holley is a dedicated and loving father to his three children and husband to
his wife Michelle. I have met few people in my life as honest, caring and kind as he is. Holley has
proven that he is dedicated to making Bowling Green a better place for everyone. Our community will be
well served with Holley on city council and you can trust he will do what is best for Bowling Green and
it citizens. Please vote for Holley for 3rd ward city council.
Chris Ostrowski
Bowling Green