Buy gift cards from locally-owned restaurants, businesses


To the Editor:
I’m sure many of you are like me, attempting to “stay safe” during this challenging time, but would love
to find a way to support your favorite, locally owned, restaurant or business.
Please consider ordering take-out meals or, if you are not comfortable going out, do what my wife and I
did — buy gift cards for future use from your favorite, locally-owned restaurant or business.
Our community is blessed to have many great, locally-owned restaurants and businesses, and we all need to
continue to support them in order to keep our community strong.
These small businesses are a vital part of our local economy. You can contact your favorite restaurant or
business and obtain information on how to buy gift cards, whether online or via the U.S. mail.
Stay safe and support our locally-owned restaurants and businesses by buying gift cards for future use.

John Maxey
Bowling Green

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