Boy Found Along I-75 in Rossford

ROSSFORD – Police are looking
for answers after a 9-year-old boy was located walking along Interstate
75 near the Rossford-Northwood line Thursday night.
Markise Epperson
was found walking in the area at about 9 p.m. when police picked him up.
The boy said he was abducted in Tennessee on Tuesday while walking from
a friend’s house. He went on to tell police that two masked men placed
him in their car and drove to Ohio where he was left at the side of the
Police are investigating Markise’s story and are looking for
any family members. Rossford Police relinquished custody of the boy to
Wood County Job and Family Services’ Children Services Bureau, who are
taking care of Markise.
CSB is also aiding in the investigation, as
well as Tennessee law enforcement authorities. Rossford police officers
bought Markise a pizza and a root beer, gave him a stuffed animal and
let him watch television while they were communicating with multiple
jurisdictions to gather more information.
At the time of this post,
no contact has been made with any family members and no reports of a
missing child matching his description has been made to authorities in
the area or in Tennessee.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rossford Police at 419-666-5230.