Blotter: 8-22-19

Citations Aug. 19:
Jacob Poling, 20, BG, was arrested at 1501 E. Napoleon Road by Bowling Green State University Police on
an outstanding warrant from the City of BG. He was taken to jail where he posted bond.
Citations July 17:
Police responded to the 700 block of East Napoleon Road for a burglary report.
Accidents occurred July 17:
Lauren Stewart, North Baltimore, was westbound on Liberty Street approaching the stop sign at North Grove
Street. Rachel Simler, BG, was southbound on Grove at Liberty. Stewart entered the intersection and was
cited for failure to yield the right of way after striking Simler.
An officer attempted to stop Gregory Campbell, 53, BG, for a suspicious report. He fled until he
attempted to stop in the 300 block of East Court Street, where he struck the back of the parked vehicle
owned by Kegan Schuchaskie, BG. Campbell was arrested for failure to comply with an order, no taillights
and disregard for safety. He was taken to jail.
Citations July 18:
Disorderly conduct, underage/under the influence: Carlie Bowlin, 20
Driving under suspension: Antoine Rogers, 28
Items were reported taken from the 800 block of Fifth Street and the 1100 block of South Main Street.
Accidents occurred July 18:
Anna Merrill-Price, Deshler, was northbound on North Grove Street, stopped at the stop sign at West Poe
Road. Karen Smith, BG, was stopped behind Merrill-Price. A truck and trailer attempted to turn left from
Poe onto Grove. Merrill-Price began backing to make room and struck Smith. Merrill-Price was cited for
improper starting/backing.
Scott Clark, BG, was southbound in the 1200 block of North Main Street. Herman Dingess, East Lynn, West
Virginia, was exiting 1225 N. Main St. on a green light. Clark slid through the red light on wet
pavement and struck Dingess. Clark was cited for failure to obey signal lights.
Benjamin Hendricks, BG; Nancy Chickering, Napoleon; and Jadin Bader, Toledo, were all westbound on West
Poe Road. Hendricks stopped to make a left turn onto North Wintergarden Road. Bader failed to stop and
struck Chickering, pushing her vehicle into Hendricks. Bader was cited for failure to maintain assured
clear distance ahead.
Abigail Keller, Custar, was westbound on West Gypsy Lane Road when a deer ran out and struck the vehicle.

Citations July 19:
Speed: Samuel Ward, 44; Jevon Henderson, 19
No valid permit: Eugene Mireku, 25
Underage/under the influence: Andrew Hibinger, 20
Employee Kholbe Coleman, 20, was cited for theft at Walmart.
Accidents occurred July 19:
Amanda Rhoads, North Baltimore, was parked in the 1000 block of North Prospect Street. Carolyn Weaks,
Bradner, was northbound in the same area. Rhoads pulled out in front of and struck Weaks. Rhoads was
cited for improper starting/backing.
Citations July 20:
Underage/under the influence: Skye Pruett, 18; Austen Bauer, 19
Unsecured load: Presley Motes, 25
Speed: Logan Bargaheiser, 23
Andre Hall, 23, Westland, Michigan, was arrested for two counts of forgery and one count of
counterfeiting after he attempted to use a fake ID to obtain merchandise at Verizon. He was taken to
Accidents occurred July 20:
Lida Campbell, BG, was stopped in the right turn lane at East Poe Road and North Main Street, waiting to
turn north. Holly Howard, BG, was following and was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance
ahead after striking Campbell.
Matthew A. Brichta, BG, was southbound on Wintergarden Road approaching Sand Ridge Road when he failed to
stop for the stop sign and ran off the roadway, striking trees and bushes. He was cited for failure to
maintain reasonable control and OVI/urine. He was taken by ambulance to Wood County Hospital.
Citations July 21:
Signal lights: Daniel Farrer, 55
Failure to obey traffic control device (pedestrian): Amanda Johnson, 20
Driving under suspension: Wentao Zheng, 25; Deja Sanford, 21
Speed: Andrew Hall, 48
Expired registration: Alan Morgan, 23
Failure to register: Charles Turner, 66; Shauna Kinchen, 29
Driving under suspension, drug abuse/marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Malik Blackwell, 23
A man was knocked out by an unknown assailant at Howard’s and was taken to the hospital.
Accidents occurred July 21:
Eric Zaher, Copley, was parked in the 1400 block of Briarwood Drive when an unknown driver struck his
vehicle and left the scene.
At 3:03 a.m., a police officer, stopped at a red light southbound on North Church Street at West Wooster
Street, ran a check on a motorcyclist with eye protection but no helmet. Registration showed the owner
had no motorcycle endorsement. Upon activating his light bar to initiate a traffic stop, the
motorcyclist accelerated southbound on South Church, then continued at a high rate of speed westbound on
West Pearl Street, then southbound on South Wintergarden Road. The motorcycle’s taillights turned
eastbound near Wintergarden/St. John Nature Preserve. While another officer was on Wintergarden Road,
the officer in pursuit turned down Lyn Road where he found the 2019 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide crashed
into a front yard in the 1100 block. Brandon Silver, BG, was cited for OVI, PAC, failure to comply with
a police order, open container, speed unreasonable for conditions, no motorcycle endorsement and traffic
control device. He had suspected serious injuries and was taken to Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical
Center in Toledo.
Citations July 22:
Failure to register: Mari Hill, 22; Kayla Shadler, 23
Driving under suspension: Laura Tokar, 54; Amber Holcomb, 28
Expired registration: Victoria Montgomery, 62; Roy Ector, 55
Fictitious plates: Adam Smith, 25
Speed: Breon Dickson, 39; Caroline Zettler, 23
No valid license: Clay Cooper, 24
Police responded to an overdose in the 1000 block of East Wooster Street.
Citations July 23:
Tyler Billet, 24, BG, was arrested on an active warrant after police responded to a complaint of him and
a woman talking loudly while throwing a Frisbee in the 900 block of Klotz Road. He was taken to jail.

Driving under suspension: Frank Simmons, 57; Courtney Ball, 25
Expired registration: Paris Johnson, 27; Robert Inman, 34
Speed: Kellie Jo Recker, 24; Mercedes Buck, 25
The windows at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 315 S. College Drive, were reported damaged.
Police responded to a reported burglary in the 300 block of East Merry Avenue; and to Walmart to pick up
a found baggie of marijuana.
Accidents occurred July 23:
Trey Wilson, Walbridge, and Timothy Hockaday, Toledo, were both northbound on North Main Street, stopped
at the light at Poe Road. Wilson thought the light had changed to green, started forward and struck
Hockaday. Wilson was cited for improper starting/backing.
Citations July 24:
Speed: Cartho Bennett, 54; Veronica Vermilya, 24
Driving under suspension: Stephen Mock, 28; Charles Florence, 30
Accidents occurred July 24:
Peyton Beaverson, BG, was eastbound on Quail Hollow Drive while Benjamin Spence, BG, was northbound on
Dove Drive, slowing for the stop sign. Beaverson began a right turn, swung wide and struck Spence.
Beaverson was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control.
Haley Holland, Bloomdale, was southbound on South Grove Street while Jackie Miller, BG, was westbound on
Pearl Street. Holland stopped at the stop sign then proceeded into the intersection and struck Miller.
Holland was cited for failure to yield right of way.
Citations July 25:
Driving under suspension, drug abuse/marijuana: Charles Florence
Failure to obey novice restriction: Nicholas Zeedyk, 24
No safety equipment: Nestor Torres, 28
A gray Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycle was picked up and taken to the station; and a bike was reported
stolen from the library.
Police responded to to reported threats to businesses in the 400 block of East Court Street and the 500
block of East Gypsy Lane Road.
Accidents occurred July 25:
Kimberly Burnham, BG, was southbound and William Blair, BG, was northbound in the 1200 block of Ridgewood
Drive. Blair went left of center and struck Burnham. Blair was cited for failure to maintain reasonable
Citations July 26:
A warrant was issued for Katlyn Purtee, 21, BG, who was cited for obstructing official business.
Speed: Trace Mollet, 23; Haylee Verhoff, 20
No seatbelt: Anthony Vardon, 27
An officer was flagged down regarding a possible sexual assault that occurred in the 100 block of South
Prospect Street.
A golf ball reportedly broke a window in the 700 block of Fairview Avenue.
Citations July 27:
Justin Risner, 20, was cited for criminal trespass and underage/under the influence after he was found
lying on the grass in the 200 block of North Prospect Street.
One-way: Robert Kimbrell, 19
Speed: Charles Lamar, 24; Freeman Brown, 21
Expired registration: Zion Owens, 20
Display of plates/validation stickers: Austin Belcher, 24
Signal lights: Jacob Walters, 16
Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Jason Hutcherson, 22
Police responded to a dispute in the 300 block of Colony Lane and cited Devin Buchs, 18, for disorderly
conduct and Bradley Papp, 38, for assault.
Accidents occurred July 27:
Stanley Perez, BG, was stopped in the left turn lane on West Poe Road, passed out behind the wheel. A
police officer responding to the scene parked approximately 5 feet in front of Perez to prevent him from
leaving the scene. Perez then drove into the cruiser. He was cited for OVI, PAC (BAC 0.185), driving
under suspension and reasonable control.
Jacob Walters, Findlay, was eastbound on East Wooster Street. Ryan Smoyer, Bowersville, was stopped at
the red light northbound on Campbell Hill Road at Wooster. Smoyer entered the intersection when the
light turned green, Walters failed to stop, and the two vehicles collided. Walters was cited for traffic
control device.
Citations July 28:
Hannah Gier, 19, was cited for disorderly conduct/unable to care for self, underage/under the influence
and misrepresentation to obtain alcohol after she was found passed out on a sidewalk in the 100 block of
East Court Street.
Littering: Christopher Bausch, 22
Driving under suspension: Jennifer Kelch, 47
Failure to register: Tiernen Rice, 22; Sabrina McBride, 23
Expired registration: Najee Holmes, 28; Michaela Mahoney, 22
Anthony Phillips, 20, BG, was arrested on a warrant for criminal trespass and was taken to jail where he
posted bond.
A male was taken to the hospital after he was found passed out in the grass in the 700 block of East
Napoleon Road. When police were unable to wake him up, EMS was called.
A male passed out in the 400 block of East Merry Avenue was taken to the hospital by EMS.
Accidents occurred July 28:
Alma Varela, Weston, was eastbound on West Wooster Street at Wintergarden Road when she failed to clear
the intersection and struck Kyle Nelson, BG, as he was southbound through the intersection. Varela was
cited for failure to yield right of way.
David Rapp, Gibsonburg, was westbound on West Poe Road, making a right turn onto Brim Road. Adam Colon,
Archbold, improperly passed Rapp on the right. Colon was cited for improper passing.
Citations July 29:
Expired registration: Stanton Williams, 23
Speed: Ralph Carbone, 68; Samantha Spackey, 22; Scott Stevens, 53; Ashley Newby, 32
Failure to register: Brian Beaverson, 44; Andrew Schuman, 47; Juwairiah Mohammad, 23
Driving under suspension: Sharonda Steward, 35
Driving under suspension, expired registration: Tyler Vukadinovich, 24;
Expired registration: Robin Newman, 61; Matthew Kinkopf, 27
No seatbelt: Andrew Erickson, 37; Christopher Ward, 48
Signal lights: Elizabeth Spaulding, 21
Jeremy Murray, 24, Weston, was arrested for theft/shoplifting at Walmart and was taken to jail.
A warrant was issued for David Barbosa-Guzman, 38, Perrysburg, for rape. He was arrested in Perrysburg
Township and transported to jail.
Citations July 30:
Drug abuse/marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Anthony Reeder, 23; Marc Clayton, 22
Display of plates/validation stickers: Brandon Beyer, 35; Kasey Eickmeyer, 28
Speed: Nancy Adler, 83
Wrongful entrustment/motor vehicle: Brennan Stewart, 24
Wrong way/one way: Ian Russell, 22
Expired registration: Melinda Sherman, 35
A warrant was issued for Robert McGuire, 49, Toledo, for criminal damaging/endangering. He was arrested
and taken to jail.
Driving under suspension: Danielle Lambert, 31; Alexis Espen, 24
Accidents occurred July 30:
David Redondo, Kingwood, Texas, was parked in the 100 block of North Main Street when his vehicle was
struck by an unknown vehicle.
Jodie Smeltzer, BG, was northbound on Rudolph Road when he pulled into the West Gypsy Lane Road
intersection and struck Madelyn Gerdeman, North Baltimore, who was eastbound. Smeltzer was cited for
failure to yield right of way.
Citations July 31:
Speed: Ryan Robinson, 22; Katherine Harvey, 23
Driving under suspension: Ezell Buchanan, 58
Improper handling a firearm in a motor vehicle: Matthew Rankin, 44
Traffic control device: Shannon Cleary, 22
Accidents occurred July 31:
Emily Kalman, BG, was eastbound in the left turn only lane in the 100 block of West Gypsy Lane Road.
Brooklyn Thomason, BG, turned eastbound onto West Gypsy Lane from an alley behind 1094 S. Main St.
Thomason was cited for failure to yield right of way after striking Kalman.