BGSU student indicted for abduction, extortion

A Bowling Green State University student is accused of trying to coerce money out of another student.
Diaba Diane, 20, of Toledo, was indicted with four felony counts on Wednesday by a Wood County Grand
Jury. She was indicted with one count of abduction, two counts of extortion and one count of
intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness in a criminal case. She was indicted along with both a
male and a female non-student,
The charges involved a March 4 incident at a BGSU residence hall with another BGSU at his residence. In
the same incident, two of Diane’s companions, Ousmane Diane and Essence Davis, both 19 and of Columbus
were also indicted, with abduction and two counts of extortion.
According to court records, Diaba Diane showed up at the hall with her co-defendants and another
individual who was not indicted and stated they were not leaving until the victim paid them what they
were owed.
Ousmane Diane then allegedly forced the victim into the residence hall elevator on the second floor. The
alleged plan was to take him by car to Kroger to get money. It was also alleged that Davis was recording
the incident with her cell phone.