BGSU enrollment continues to grow

Bowling Green State University continues to buck the national trend of declining enrollment, according to
a press release issued by the university. Overall enrollment for the spring 2020 semester is up 3% over
a year ago, meeting the university’s goals.
Total student enrollment for spring 2020 is 19,331, up from 18,776 in 2019. BGSU’s fall-to-spring
retention rate remains strong at nearly 91% for spring 2020.
Undergraduate enrollment on the Bowling Green campus for spring 2020 is up 3% over last year with a
headcount of 14,658 compared to 14,196 in spring 2019. BGSU Firelands saw an enrollment increase of just
over 5%, from 1,977 in spring 2019 to 2,080 in spring 2020. Graduate enrollment is steady with 2,593
students to 2,603 students in spring 2019.
The university saw a dramatic increase in enrollment for the second year of its winter session, which
adds a three-week session to the academic calendar. Enrollment was more than 1,400 students and included
those participating in courses online, courses on campus and experiences both abroad and throughout the
United States. Winter session enrollment last year was 1,062.
These numbers are released every semester on the 15th day of classes, which marks official enrollment
counts that are reported to the State of Ohio.
“We’re extremely pleased with our progress in enrollment growth, and most importantly, in our measures of
student success. We continue to improve in retention and set a new mark by achieving the highest
four-year graduation rate in our history,” said BGSU President Rodney K. Rogers. “Our students are
engaged in a learning community that prepares them to live meaningful and productive lives.”