Amen to drive-thru: BG church offers service via radio

To get their Sunday dose of faith, parishioners rolled into the St. Mark’s parking lot and rolled down
their windows.
There were over 50 cars filled with people and pets participating in the services.
“We are trying to give our people and the people of this community the chance to see the light in the
darkness,” said St. Mark’s senior pastor Rob Spicer.
The church is offering three drive-in church services at 8:30, 9:45 and 11 a.m.
St. Mark’s is prepared to offer this drive-thru service for the next few weeks, or as long as the social
distancing and “stay at home” requirements remain in place, Spicer said.
“We’re willing to do this as long as we need to because we’re going to provide worship one way or
another,” he said.
Sunday’s services also collected food and celebrated health care workers, he said. The church is asking
that in the future canned goods be donated at the office during the week, and not at the services.
The service is as “self serve” as possible, Spicer said, with parishioners driving in, dropping off their
donations and parking. There are attendants who help get people to spots.
“We are using a radio transmitter — an FM transmitter — that one of our members built. It covers our
parking lot and just a little bit beyond,” he said. “People can listen to the service and watch us.
We’re on a hay wagon doing the service.”
The station is on 95.1 FM. The services are also streamed live on Facebook.
Participants were urge to honk their horns and wave during parts of the service, to interact.
The message on Sunday was God is bigger than the coronavirus, Spicer said.
“Don’t let the fear win,” he said. “Even though we have to remain distant, to not let that be an excuse
not to love our neighbors and to care for one another.
“We’re really encouraging people to respond to this crisis in faith, not fear.”