A full outline of Trump’s shortcomings

To the Editor:
President Donald Trump has told us that he is “very stable genius.” Would a genius say “American
companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to doing business in
China,” how about his cancel trip to Denmark because the Danish prime minister didn’t have “nice”
reaction to his desire to buy Greenland.
He retreats on background checks.He backs away from stricter background checks after more than 30 people
were killed in mass shootings in Texas and Ohio he has again yield to the National Rifle Association
with the full support of his Republicans in the Senate. he does this, even though the public opinion
polling shows strong support for restrictions. Yet Trump and his puppets in the Senate are siding with
gun lobby, against the safety of the American people.
Mitch McConnell says he’s waiting for support from Trump to act on guns. We’re still waiting for
president to act on this, even as Walmart stops selling some ammo in their stores.
We have spoken and it’s fallen on deaf ears. Come November they will hear us loud and clear.
Trump always tells us he has plan but never elaborates on what it is. The NRA is in the pockets of the
Republican party and will buy their way out of any laws about high power guns being sold to the public.

Trump keeps attacking Mueller’s report and has said he has been cleared when in fact he has not.
Be ready taxpayers, we will be paying him for the G-7 summit on his property.
Attorney General Bill Barr is also in the pocket of Trump and we need to investigate him. Where are his
taxes? Why is he so against the public seeing them? Did he pay any? Did you pay? I did.
When it comes to climate control, Trump is in full support of the polluters, he has taken all regulations
What about the wall? Who’s paying for it?
I called U.S. Rep. Bob Latta’s office and ask why he is not having public meetings to discuss our
concerns. I was told it is because of security reasons, but yet he goes to his high paid dinners for his
re-election. Perhaps we need to find out where they are being held and then ask questions.
Get out and vote let your voice be heard.
Joann Schiavone