2 BG men indicted for drug trafficking

Two Bowling Green men have been indicted for selling drugs after a search warrant was executed at their
Co-defendants Gavin Morgan Ingraham, 22, and Joshua Ray Ireland, 23, have been charged with selling drugs
out of their Fifth Street apartment. The Wood County Grand Jury indictments were announced Wednesday.

Ingraham was indicted for three counts trafficking in marijuana, all fourth-degree felonies; trafficking
in hashish, a second-degree felony; and trafficking in marijuana, a third-degree felony.
Ireland was indicted for aggravated trafficking in drugs, a first-degree felony; trafficking in
marijuana, a third-degree felony; and trafficking in hashish, a second-degree felony.
On June 20, after executing a search warrant at the apartment, police found Ingraham in possession of
more than 50 grams of hashish in a liquid concentrate, digital scales, baggies for packaging, vacuum
sealed bags, money in stacks and 444 grams of marijuana in various bags for resale.
Ireland was found with 59 psilocybin mushrooms, five times greater than the bulk amount, and 105 THC
vaping cartridges containing one gram of liquid per cartridge.
The search was part of an ongoing drug investigation.
The offenses were reportedly committed in the vicinity of Crim Elementary and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church