Waterville facility focuses on falls

WATERVILLE – "Help, I’ve Fallen" is the theme of a community education event on falls and what
can warrant a trip to the emergency room on Aug. 21.
It will be presented by Kristopher Brickman, MD, FACEP. Brickman serves as the medical director of
Heartland of Waterville; the chief of staff and chairman of the emergency department at University of
Toledo Medical Center.
It will be held at Heartland of Waterville, 8885 Browning Drive, Waterville at 12:30 p.m. The program is
part of the "Lunch and Learn" series at the facility. The target audience are those who are
prone to falls, as well as their caregivers, spouses and other loved ones.
While the lunch and program are free, registration is strongly suggested. Those interested can register
by calling 419-878-8523 or email: [email protected]
Falls are a common reason why people go to the emergency room. The public is invited to learn more about
why falls happen and what to do about them.
Brickman will discuss falling injuries and what warrants a trip to the ER. He is experienced in
falls-related trauma and their underlying causes.