To the Editor: Latta offers no real solutions


As I read Congressman Latta’s responses to Obama’s State-of-the-Union address, it was easy to detect his
basic view of "getting government off our backs." To focus on what I consider his main intent
is to paraphrase some points. Latta had hoped that Obamacare would fail even though it is now the law of
the land and gradually working more efficiently. In addition, he hoped that no one would notice that
jobs have been created during Obama’s years in office and that the economy would get back on track to
satisfy corporate interests. So, from Latta, we read the same superficial, empty rhetoric that many of
us have attributed to him.
When Latta refers to "real solutions," he would hope that the policies of the GOP would
increase the coffers of the plutocrats; with his steady focus on small businesses (striking me as
hypocritical) as the "country’s engine of job growth," he has, once again, faulted the federal
government for ineptness.
He demands that "unnecessary regulations" be removed so that businesses can thrive
uncontrollably and that "wasteful spending," not to his liking, be eliminated. He wants to get
the American people back to work by ignoring their real interests (consider the need for minimum wage
increases and unemployment compensation extensions) by making sure that big (even though he says
"small" businesses) are in control in this on-going plutocracy, largely created by Tea Party
Your real political self shows through your rhetoric, Bob, so enjoy your tea.
Wally Pretzer
Bowling Green

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