To the Editor: Former BG man wants tougher sentences in cases of child deaths

I am a former resident of Bowling Green, and recently moved to Kentucky for my job. I am also co-founder
of Shaken Baby Syndrome of Ohio. Our family unfortunately had to deal with the whole justice system in
Wood County back in 2006 when my grandson was shaken and the same result a rotten plea bargain just like
today’s 11 years for murder in the death of a 2-year-old BG Child. Wood County, Ohio, should totally
once again be ashamed at the plea bargain deal they agreed to! Wood County voters should not continue to
put up with this! Your judges and prosecutors are not doing their jobs to uphold the law and justice
they took a oath to do!
The children that continue to die and be abused at the hands of these monsters and your elected
prosecutors and judges continue to plea bargain and slap these people on the wrist and send a message
it’s O.K. to hurt and abuse kids! Voters need to remember this when elections come around and clean
house! Where are we as a society if we don’t protect our children, and get justice for those abused and
killed. It’s time to take action!
Denny Morelock
Crestwood, Ky.