To the Editor: Age discrimination frequent in employment

I find it very disturbing, that someone who has been born and raised in the United States, and becomes
unemployed, by no fault of their own, as a senior, who has worked all their lives. It seems, that even
you are not supposed to be discriminated against, it is still happening big time. Interview after
interview, turns up no jobs … why … because the people who are interviewing, are 30 something, and
40 something, and they do not want you, because you are a senior… What? Are you kidding? We are the
most stable people you could ever have working for you, and you still will not employ us …
discrimination … I think so. My only hope is if all you 30 something people, and all you 40 something
people live long enough, you too will become seniors, and hopefully, if you lose your jobs, you will
also not be hired, because you are old, and being interviewed by 30 something people, and by 40
something people.
I so wish you luck. Here we are willing to work, and you just push us aside, like we don’t even exist.
Good luck to all of you. Hopefully your future is not on the line, like mine is. God Bless you all.
Mary Gambill