Time to finish (start?) summer projects

Summer’s winding down and Realtor Brett Furman has some suggestions to keep your house in top shape
throughout the summer.
Here are some improvement ideas to consider before fall:
•    Clean and seal decks.
•    Hire a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean chimneys.
•    Wash the exterior of your home using a garden hose and a mild detergent.
•    Check all exterior walls for peeling or cracked paint.
•    Inspect brick or masonry siding for cracks or missing mortar.
•    Inspect roofing for loose shingles and cracks.
•    Check out the operation of your automatic light timers and motion detector systems.
•    Prune trees and shrubs to keep branches from exterior siding.
•    Clean and repair cracks in concrete driveways using epoxy patching material.
•    Inspects foundation walls for signs of termites.
"These 10 home maintenance tips are certainly a start to getting your house spic and span for late
summer…and beyond," Furman said.
For more information on keeping a home well-maintained and other useful tips for selling your home, visit
BrettFurman.com or www.homesellerhandbook.com.