Story Walk in downtown BG adds literacy to physical activity

Need some inspiration for a family walk?
The Wood County District Public Library, Kiwanis (grant funded) and some picture book loving women have
teamed up to bring Story Walks to the Bowling Green area.
Story Walk combines physical activity with literacy, which may seem like an odd mix, but is an innovative
way to get people of all ages out walking while reading children’s picture books. Pages of a book are
transformed into signs that are then laid out on a trail inviting families, children and others to
follow the path of pages.  
 The group installed one last year and this year for the Black Swamp Arts festival in the library’s front
yard, one about frogs in Wintergarden Park on the path to the wet area last summer, one in downtown
store windows for Trick or Treat and now another one downtown to enrich holiday shopping. The latest is
"Winter Candle" by Jeron Ashford, illustrated by Stacey Schuett.
"Winter Candle" is an inspiring story about one humble and stubby candle that spreads light and
hope for five separate families of varying faiths and backgrounds in a single apartment building during
the winter holiday season.
The Story Walk’s first pages will be in the library’s front windows and the story will continue south
down the west side of North and South Main street.
The "Winter Candle" Story Walk should be up until Tuesday. Stores need not be open to read
their pages.