Sentinel adopts new policy for weddings & Milestones


Effective Monday, the Sentinel-Tribune will be instituting a new policy for publication of Milestones and
wedding stories in the newspaper.
Following the trend at most other daily newspapers, the newspaper will begin charging for placement of
weddings, anniversaries, engagements, special birthdays and multi-generation family photos – all under
the heading of Milestones.
This will allow the public several options not available in the past, when these items ran as news
• There will be no time limit for publication of post-wedding stories and photos. Until now, brides and
grooms have had only 90 days to get their information to the newspaper for publication. That deadline no
longer exists.
• Likewise, deadlines for anniversaries and engagements are gone. Engagements were previously accepted
only if received more than 30 days before the wedding, and anniversaries had to be in our hands within
seven days after the date. Now, the family itself decides when these should run.
• We are adding 35th wedding anniversaries to the list of Milestone anniversaries, along with the 25th,
40th, 50th anniversaries and every five years over 50 which have always been accepted.
• Until now, only five-generation family photos have run. Going forward, the Sentinel will also accept
four-generation photos.
• Milestone birthdays were printed for 90 and 100 years, plus every year over 100. We are expanding that
list to 80th and 90th birthdays, plus every single year over 90.
• All photos accompanying Milestones may now run in color.
• Birth announcements may also be placed as a Milestone.
• Milestones will appear in both the print newspaper and the online version.
In all cases, the public gets to determine the exact wording used. If a bridal couple would like to go
into greater detail about such things as male attendants’ garb, the flowers, or special songs sung, for
example, these can now be included.
In an anniversary, full names of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as their spouses, can now
be included – as just one more example.
All Milestones will now appear in Saturday’s newspaper. The first such publication date is expected to be
May 17.
The charge for Milestones will vary, with the public able to choose from four package options: basic,
bronze, silver and gold, as well as a small, free-ad option up to 35 words.
Pricing differences will be based on number of words, number of photos, and whether photos are to run
black-and-white or color.
For more information about any of the new Milestones policies call 419-352-4611 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5
Click here to view the new Milestones Submission Form.

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