Safe garage = safe home

Garage security is a crucial, yet often-overlooked aspect to the overall safety of belongings and family.

Some reports have shown that experienced burglars can open a locked, yet deficient garage door in only
six seconds.
And once they’re in the garage, they can get away with valuable tools and toys, not to mention having
easier access to the inside the home.
And with the fall season full of trips to family members’ homes and the shopping mall, it’s time to check
all of the doors, windows and other features of the garage to measure its security level when you’re
away from home.
Service, entry doors
The side door on your garage is the most common point of entry for burglars.
Why? Because many homeowners overlook the importance of have a dead-bolted door to the garage, which is
just as important a feature on other exterior doors.
Install a dead bolt and heavy-duty strike plate to make forced entry a difficult task.
Lighting – inside and out
Bright lighting can deter a burglar – especially motion-detector lighting that not only can spook a
thief, but will also be more cost-efficient for you than lighting that stays on all night.
As for the interior of your garage, think on the opposite end of bright lighting when you are away or
sleeping. Cover all of your windows to keep visibility from the outside to a minimum. A crook may be
more likely to pass on trying to enter if he can’t see inside.