Road rage reported in BG

A road rage incident, in which a man followed another man home and may have had a firearm, was reported
in the city early Tuesday.
The episode was reported to Bowling Green Police at 12:39 a.m. in the 400 block of Clough Street.
The alleged victim indicated he was tailgating a black SUV as he was driving home, and then drove around
the vehicle.
The SUV reportedly followed the man to his residence. When the man got out of his vehicle, the driver of
the SUV allegedly reached into his pocket and said "Don’t make me shoot you."
Police have no leads as to the identity of the SUV.
"When these things happen, people should probably not make contact with one another," said Maj.
Tony Hetrick of the BGPD.
"Minor traffic issues should not escalate into violent situations."