Reunions: 08-23-14

Sautter family reunion
Sixty descendants of Henry J. and Elizabeth Sautter came from as far as Connecticut, Michigan, Missouri,
Oklahoma and Texas to attend the reunion Aug. 3 at the Thompson Stone Hall at Otsego Park.
The location is about eight miles from the family home in Oswald Corners, just west of Weston.
Three of their grandchildren were in attendance: Irma Heiser, the oldest in attendance at 91 years old;
Geraldine Emmons; and B.J. Hedges. Their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and
great-great-grandchild also attended.
Irma Heiser and Rita Kolb registered guests. Secretary-Treasurer Holli Fortney and President Herriman
announced the state of funds and set the date for 2015.
Officers will stay the same.
Family deaths, marriages and births since last year’s reunion were announced.
Potluck dishes, many made from recipes handed down for generations, were enjoyed.
Dan Henning led the group in a "singspiration" then bingo was played.
Jacobs family reunion
The 42nd Jacobs Reunion was held on July 27 at the Riverbank Party Centre in Pemberville.
One-hundred-ten relatives attended. Family members enjoyed the potluck dinner and the delicious chicken
quarters barbecued by Mark and Al Jacobs and Rick Riley using Uncle Harley’s famous recipe.
Three Jacobs’ siblings of the 10 – Florence Hummel who is 98, Ruth Riley who is 92, and Harley Jacobs who
is 87 – were present.
A business meeting was held followed by a Chinese raffle and bingo.
Next year’s reunion will be held on July 26 at the same location.