Plans to widen Fort Meigs Road don’t make sense

To the Editor:
East vs West
For those who are unaware of the plans for the widening of Ft. Meigs Road between Roachton Road and Five
Point Road. At this time ODOT and the city of Perrysburg thinks widening .83 miles of Ft. Meigs Road to
the east is the best solution to improve the condition of the road.
Yes, the road needs to be made wider, but not to such an inconvenience to the residences living on said
road. At present the road is 16 feet wide and the plan is to extend the width to 24 feet. It does not
make sense to add that much extra footage for such a short distance. The increased traffic flow would
move much faster than it does now.
There is ample acreage across the road to expand and only affecting three homes compared to the 19 homes
that would be impacted by the project?
To accomplish this plan; it would require the removal of 50+ trees, relocate 20+ utility poles and some
home owners would lose half of their frontage. Removing established tress defaces the neighborhood,
further devaluating the properties. Owners that currently have a 55 foot frontage will then have only 45
feet from the front of their house to the road. Also a 5-foot sidewalk would be located within that 45
foot frontage. It is hard to imagine anyone would be interested in purchasing a home without a decent
frontage so close to the road.
This project is clearly not in the best interest of the home owners on Ft. Meigs Road. If anyone on this
project committee were a residence on Ft Meigs Road, it would be hard to believe that they would be in
favor of this project to extend the road to the east.
Those residing in this area will do everything possible to stop this absurd project. It’s time to use
common sense Mr. Mayor, ODOT and city council. Real leaders listen and compromise … if not, the people
Jerry and Phyllis Charles