Perrysburg’s Petee pursued passion through Washington, D.C., internship

Wittenberg University student Madeline Petee has always aspired to work in the medical field, but it
wasn’t until this summer that the biology major from Perrysburg was able to blend her love for science
and public health.
Working in Washington, D.C., Petee held an internship with Strategic Healthcare, one of the premier
healthcare lobbying firms in the country.
"Wittenberg professors provide individualized attention to students and help them to find their
passion in this world," said Petee, who hopes to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice, concentrating
in pediatric and adolescent medicine.
Throughout the summer, Petee worked primarily with the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, ProMedica
Health System and the Nursing Schools Coalition, writing daily briefs on the status of legislation and
policies that would directly impact each organization.
She credits her co-curricular activities and leadership development opportunities for preparing her to
take on such responsibilities.
"Wittenberg allows each student to take on leadership positions from the moment they step foot on
campus. When I was a freshman, I took part in the emerging leaders program, and I have taken the
leadership skills I learned in that program to take on many different leadership positions on
campus," Petee said. "When Strategic Health Care saw the leadership positions that I had
already taken on back at school, I was given more leadership responsibilities among my peer interns,
allowing me to participate in some key projects and meet with a wide variety of government
Petee also attended congressional hearings on Capitol Hill and provided legislative overview for her
clients, met with United States representatives and senators to lobby on behalf of her clients, and
attended healthcare summits hosted by international and domestic health officials.
"I was able to take the experience that I’ve gained in my biology classes and previous clinical
internships and transition into a policy atmosphere, drawing on my liberal arts education every step of
the way," Petee explained.
Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Wittenberg University has repeatedly been
ranked by the Princeton Review for the quality of its teaching and faculty. Additionally, The Chronicle
of Higher Education named Wittenberg one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars among
bachelor degree-granting institutions in 2010.