Perrysburg needs new school, but not where it is planned

To the Editor:
Absolutely the "wrong plan" at the "wrong time" for all the "wrong
reasons". No one is arguing the need for added structures but they are not using current assets
making it the "wrong plan". Perrysburg School taxpayers own property that can be built on or
sold like the Commodore being used as a glorified sky box office complex, the 199 property and all kinds
of shovel ready property surrounding the Junior High School. Plopping a school down in a farm field will
all the more explode growth around the school including costly infrastructure just like the High School
with no penalty for the real estate vultures (impact fees). As always it is a pork barrel with added
cost when we have two other expiring permanent improvement levies that will be put on as replacement
levies filled with more wish list pork to make us squeal like pigs. And when that is done get ready to
be hammered for more operating cost to run their growing empire. This is a 28-year loan on your home and
38 million dollars. Should the levy lose your property values will not go down! They will continue to
come back often until infinity with the goal to push the older population out of their homes to allow
younger voters and re-evaluation of your home. "The right time" is when they bring back a
sensible "plan" with evidence of being accountable without the pork. Factor in our current
assets to use or sell (including Hostler trailer park) and then provide a levy to deal with the main
issue – poor planning.
Phil Caron