Owens explores aviation program


Owens Community College is exploring the idea of adding an aviation program.
President Mike Bower reported at Wednesday’s board of trustees meeting that he visited a similar program
at Western Michigan University, but added that the cost of setting up such a program would be
"millions and millions of dollars."
Jennifer Fehnrich, executive director, Government and Community Relations and Marketing, said Friday that
the college is always looking at new programs to follow the needs of the job market.
She stressed the possible addition is just in the exploratory stage.
"We are in the exploratory stages of looking at the aviation field and industry," she stated.

She continued: "We are now researching and exploring what demands there are for it and what needs we
can fill."
She said that Bower’s visit to WMU is similar to what the college has done for other programs.
"To see what they’re offering to see if that’s something that would be viable and make sense for our
region," Fehnrich said.

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