Organizations: 06-13-14

Ohio Star Quilters
Ohio Star Quilters of Findlay will be meeting on Monday, June 23, 9:30 a.m. at St. John’s Lutheran
Church, 1701 Tiffin Avenue, Findlay.
The day begins with a business meeting, then Show and Tell. Following this Judy Williamson, a member of
Ohio Star, will give a Trunk Show featuring her numerous mini-quilts. After Judy’s program, quilters may
remain and work on club project quilts or their own quilting projects.
Anyone who is interested in quilting is invited to attend.
Questions may be directed to Shari Wiseman at 419-422-9371.
Silver Cross Circle
The Bowling Green Country Club was the location for the May 19th luncheon meeting of Silver Cross Circle.
Fifteen members and two guests were greeted by Jo Vernon as they arrived. Harriett Dimick presented
devotions stressing that at any age, young or old, small things done in a meaningful way can make a
difference in the world. She gave the table grace after which all enjoyed the meal.
Kate Summerfeld, Wood County Director of United Way, presented a momento to Joyce Stearns for her many
years of service in working with the United Way. Members spoke of Joyce’s involvement in many capacities
in The King’s Daughter and Sons on the local, state and international level.
Teresa Ellis was present to tell the group of her experience in being involved at Bittersweet Farms in
Whitehouse for the past 15 years. Bittersweet Farms is a residential community for people who have
autism and are not capable of individual living. It was patterned after a program in England and now has
connections with facilities in Pemberville, Lima and Middletown. Three fourths of those who have autism
are male, according to Ms. Ellis, and those who have this condition appreciate activity which has a
beginning, middle and end and involves meaningful activity which has a purpose. They often have problems
communicating and may prefer using sign language. There is a gift shop at Bittersweet Farms where art
work done by residents is for sale and baked goods may be ordered. Residents enjoy gardenlng and the
produce is made available through community supported agriculture shares which can be purchased and then
produce is picked up each week during the growing season. At the end of her talk, many questions were
asked and answered.
Lyn Long conducted the business meeting. A large number of quilt squares have been cut and sent and quilt
square cutting will resume in the fall. Joyce Stearns reported on the spring conference which was held
in Bucyrus on April 26th. Both she and Emmy Hann attended.
Members reported joys and concerns.
Installation of new officers will take place at the September meeting which will take place on September